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Project Information

About this project:

This is the Panther Game Engine (PGE) project. Still a work in progress and not ready for prime time, but powerful if you are willing to use it through Visual Studio. The 0.5.0 version was released on April 7, 2011 and includes support for XBox30. Use our GIT repository to download the latest. It requires Visual Studio 2008 to build and run the tools. The tools are close, but not yet stable enough for a binary release.

PGE layers a gui layout system with Lua scripting and the ability to manage content more efficiently (not compile every content piece for every run) than using Visual Studio alone.

PGE was/is being developed as part of a class on game engine development at Chapman University (CPSC-340) in the Fall of 2009 and (CPSC-440) in the Spring of 2010. Project development started on September 1, 2009. Development continues in 2011 in preparation for another class in the fall of 2011.

We have integrated XNua as our scripting engine. The official xnua site was abandoned by the original developers so we have made updates to our own version and also offered those updates to the original XNua developers. If you want them, it is all Open Source, feel free to use it. You can get our latest as a file download or fom our Git repository. Our version of XNua was tested on XNA 3.1 for both x86 and XBox. There are some errors on XBox, but they seem benign and need investigating. We need proper unit tests for the XNua code if you would like to help out.

The software is free under the Apache 2.0 license. The software is (c) copyright 2009-2011 Chapman University, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

This project was registered on on Jul 20, 2009.:

For more information, check our project status page.

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We are not currently accepting new developers as this is being developed as part of a course at Chapman University.

To join this project, please contact the project administrators of this project, as shown on the project summary page.

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Source code for this project is available via Git


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